“To go from novice property investor to expert, the 1st thing you need to do is write a book on property investing.
It seems like being an expert is as simple as having an opinion and sharing it confidently.

This series aims to refute a lot of the rubbish that might ruin an investor’s financial future.

It is an objective look at what the data says. It re-assesses long-held beliefs with historical evidence.
This series goes some way to identifying fake experts. But above all, it highlights the nonsense investors should avoid to make more astute investment decisions.”

Jeremy Expert Busting Series

Find high population growth – WRONG!

High Population Growth Featured
How many times have you heard an expert say that you should invest in property markets with high population growth? It’s...

Buy under market value – WRONG

Buy Under Market Value Featured
Just about every property investment expert will tell you they always look to buy under market value with every purchase they...

Buy new properties not old – WRONG!

Buy new properties not old hero
There’s no debate about whether investors should buy new properties or existing ones. “It is mathematically impossible for new...

Buy near schools, shops, transport, etc. – WRONG!

Buy near schools hero
I’ve even heard some figures on how much more growth you’ll get buying in the right...

Buy close to the CBD – WRONG!

Buy close to CBD hero
There’s been a long-held belief among many experts in property investment that the closer a property is to the CBD, the...

Find suburbs with high wages – WRONG!

Find suburbs with high wages hero
Many professionals in the property investment industry advise investors to buy in suburbs where higher income earners...

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3 Reasons to research After You Bought

Most investors stop suburb research once they've bought. But the need to make good decisions extend into the period of ownership. There are...
State of Origin - Brisbane vs Sydney

State of Origin – Brisbane vs Sydney

There's a lot of talk that investors should target Brisbane now instead of Sydney. I found a really good indicator that contradicts this, and...
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